Red Planet Marketing Achievements and new clients

Mars Cowley-Smyth outlines the achievements in the last quarter and talks about new clients of Red Planet Marketing…

It’s been another exciting quarter for the Organisation! With lots of us changing divisions and products over the last three months.

I felt a huge amount of security in my ability to build my career once I was through the Business Development Programme. The fact that once I had learnt the 5 and 8 Steps meant that I now had the skill set to work with any product, in any campaign plus in any country in the world.
The system is so good it has been transferable to any client that I have chosen to work with. This has been proven time and time again over my career and also though the careers of Owners within the Organisation.

We have moved into new clients this quarter and we are recognising the achievements of those who have, or are successfully transferring and hopefully give those of you about to do so some great tips!

This ability to adapt and change has kept the Organisation growing and I’m really proud and also excited to see the Organisation diversify into even more new things as the year progresses.

Mars Cowley-Smyth
Vice President

Red Planet Marketing with World Vision Events

world-vision-0 Mars Cowley-Smyth talks about new project World Vision Events…

World Vision Events has been an exciting new project for us in the UK! Michelle Jawahall in London and Khilen Sheth in Manchester have been pioneering this campaign with increasingly exciting results.

Having the opportunity to change a child’s life by going in the field and getting them a sponsor is a rewarding feeling for all the Field Representatives involved. As you can see from the following article, they are really changing peoples lives.
Having the new channel of events opens up so many opportunities for people to open offices and we have great funding for some amazing events across the UK like The South Bank Show in London that runs for a month, the Royal County of Berkshire Show, Cambridge Town & Country Show and a huge variety of other festivals.

Its early days for this campaign but it looks exciting and with such a worthwhile cause look set to be a fantastic campaign for the future!



Nothing succeeds like success

Success is never a matter of blind luck as it is all about hard work and positive thinking. The marketing team in Red planet probably knows this success mantra more than anyone else.

The latest in the success trails is the wonderful achievement of Rahul Jain and Satpal Oshan. In appreciation of their consistent performance and high achievements, they were invited to have a week long holiday in Ibiza on board a luxury 80ft yacht. Great work never go unnoticed at Red Planet Marketing where success stories have always been the order of the day.

Red planet marketing liverpool

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” – Brian Tracy

Positive thinking even in the most critical moments is what makes a you a winner. This article from Sarah Woodhouse will help you understand the power of POSITIVE THINKING.

The Red Planet Marketing Ltd- Upcoming Events- Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The managers of the Red Planet Marketing team will be invited on all expenses trip to the Emirates to be part of the thrilling Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that will be held at the Yas Marina Circuit on 23 November 2014. The race that will bring together some of the racers from around the globe will ensure a really thrilling experience for the team.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Red planet desk

Red Planet Marketing Ltd- A day out at the races

The Red Planet Marketing team will enjoy a day out at the race. After consistently hitting our quarterly targets we have decided to reward ourselves with a day at the races.

The Red Planet team will hit the VIP area of the Sandown Park Racecourse to cheer the winners on 5th July 2014.Tables are already booked and we are looking forward to a thrilling day at the races with a lot of cheer , laughter and jubilation in the air.