Nothing succeeds like success

Success is never a matter of blind luck as it is all about hard work and positive thinking. The marketing team in Red planet probably knows this success mantra more than anyone else.

The latest in the success trails is the wonderful achievement of Rahul Jain and Satpal Oshan. In appreciation of their consistent performance and high achievements, they were invited to have a week long holiday in Ibiza on board a luxury 80ft yacht. Great work never go unnoticed at Red Planet Marketing where success stories have always been the order of the day.

Red planet marketing liverpool

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” – Brian Tracy

Positive thinking even in the most critical moments is what makes a you a winner. This article from Sarah Woodhouse will help you understand the power of POSITIVE THINKING.

An Invitation for the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

The Marketing Manager Alex Pinker of Red Planet Marketing Ltd has received an invitation for the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, on Thursday 12th June 2014. This prestigious event is being held to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the British Red Cross Society, United Kingdom.

The Red Planet Marketing Ltd- Upcoming Events- Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The managers of the Red Planet Marketing team will be invited on all expenses trip to the Emirates to be part of the thrilling Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that will be held at the Yas Marina Circuit on 23 November 2014. The race that will bring together some of the racers from around the globe will ensure a really thrilling experience for the team.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Red planet desk

Red Planet Marketing Ltd- A day out at the races

The red Planet marketing team will enjoy a day out at the race. After consistently hitting our quarterly targets we have decided to reward ourselves with a day at the races.

The Red Planet team will hit the VIP area of the Sandown Park Racecourse to cheer the winners on 5th July 2014.Tables are already booked and we are looking forward to a thrilling day at the races with a lot of cheer , laughter and jubilation in the air.

Red Planet to conduct Everton FC Lotteries

Red Planet Marketing Ltd, Liverpool is bracing for a busy month ahead with many new marketing campaigns in the pipeline.

Red Planet will set off a short term advertising campaign for Everton FC Lotteries and will attend the International Tennis Tournament 2014, at the Liverpool Cricket Club. We will sell raffles memorabilia and champagne and loads of opportunities for everyone to win cash prizes..

The innovative ‘Ring-the-Bell’ competition to keep the employees well motivated carry £5,000 worth of prizes for our top sellers and various other prizes like iPads for runners up. The team Red Planet at their best could make a clean sweep in the contest.

The British Red Cross event was the other attraction in store for the Red Planet Marketing. We shall soon be back with more updates from red Planet.

Rising Star – Success Stories

“The Organisation is expanding into its 3rd country and has opened 4 new marketing companies in the last 4 weeks!
2014 will be our best year ever!!!”

Organisational Head Mars Cowley

First Red Planet Rising Stars of the year

Sat 31st March 2012 saw the first Red Planet Rising Stars of the year.

A 4* hotel in Birmingham was the fantastic venue for Saturday’s meeting and a great day was had by all.

We had some motivating topics run by Mars Cowley, Sid Jain and Paul Jones who not only educated but inspired everyone with their goals.

We were also lucky enough to have a guest speakers Joe Arkley and James O’Brien who ran through some of the great success they is having with their Organisation.

We would also like to say a special congratulations to Marc Flinn who has been given the opportunity to help pioneer new events clients in Rotterdam and will be relocating over the coming weeks.

Red Planet Review


With the incredibly successful Red Planet Organisation Q2 Strategy Meeting being held recently we now have some fantastic Organisational goals to hit over the next 3 months. Our success over the coming months is going to be hugely based on our ability to hold ourselves accountable as individuals and teams to hitting our targets and goals. Not making excuses but looking for solutions and sticking to a plan of what we want to achieve.

The end result will be the fantastic reward of taking the members of the Game Changers Academy away for a brilliant weekend in Berlin! Fantastisch!!! He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

Benjamin Franklin


Leader of the Month Top Newcomer Customer Service Queen
James Coughlan (Ginger) Wasan Khan (Ark) Michelle Jawahall (Red Planet)
James has hit his smart
goal five weeks in a row,
he shows continued
ambition and
commitment to his
promotion. His consistent
attitude and work
ethic are his key
 Wasan has been
promoted to
Leadership and is
already PRing. He’s
taking on the responsibility
of teaching
and training.
Michelle has
consistently low
rejects and high sales.
In the past 3months
she has picked up over
£500 in bond returns
and is the most
consistent Leader in
the office.

Chris Thompson – Promoted to Owner Partner


What did you do before joining this business?
I used to work as a recruitment consultant.
What are your future goals?

  • Business goals: to open up my Marketing Company in the first quarter of 2012 – called Ginger Promotions UK; to save £50k in my first year of Ownership; to get involved with the Sports division; to have 150 people in my organisation by February 2013
  • Personal goals: to buy a house in my hometown in Northumberland; to send my parents on an all-expenses paid trip to Australia; to buy a Breitling watch in 2012 work £4k.

What has been your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
My journey in the company has been just like everyone else’s – I have had ups and downs, but I just remind myself of my goals and they help me with moving forward and pushing myself.
What are your Top Tips?

  • Get good at the stage you are at. Spend time learning one thing at a time and become an expert at it – whether that’s sales or coaching. Do it properly the first time and you’ll move forward faster.
  • Have fun and enjoy your current role. It’s easier to replace yourself as a Leader if your role looks desirable.
  • Plan every day, know what you’re doing, where you’re going and know your numbers! Don’t leave things to chance, it’s your business.